Charlotte mom pushes for alcohol abuse awareness following UNCC student's death

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — After the tragic death of a University of North Carolina Charlotte student, a local mother is pushing for more awareness of alcohol abuse on college campuses.

While her daughter did not wish for her mother to speak, the Charlotte woman said after recent events, her daughter’s story and a warning needed to be told.

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The mother’s daughter was sorority sisters with Polly Rogers, the UNCC student who was killed when she fell from a party bus and was hit by two cars.

“I felt so bad for her parents and her family but then I had this sense of guilt because I was relieved that it wasn't my daughter,” the woman said.

A toxicology report revealed Rogers was drunk at the time of the incident and it was more than twice the legal driving limit. Investigators say whoever gave Rogers’ the alcohol could face charges.

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The Charlotte mother said she herself had a close call during her daughter’s freshman year in college. Her daughter drank until she was sick.

By the time she found out, her daughter was in the emergency room.

I was one of those parents that was living in a glass bubble,” the woman said. “My kid can't do that, not my kid.”

She said her daughter finally came forward when she was ready to seek help. But this mother is warning parents and universities, do not wait.

“I feel like they turn a blind eye to it,” the woman said. “I don’t think they want to realize how bad it is on their campuses.”

There is a wellness center on UNC Charlotte’s campus that offers resources to students who have violated the drug and alcohol policy.