• City manager Carlee takes tour of city, tweets photos


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Charlotte City Manager Ron Carlee drove around with city officials Thursday surveying the conditions on the roads.

    Carlee tweeted photos from his Twitter account of city streets covered in snow and ice.

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    "Wendover in Grier Heights drivable if you know what you're doing. Just passed a driver with wheels spinning. This is not for amateurs," Carlee tweeted.

    Carlee also tweeted, "Just hit very rough road on Arrowood west on I-77. Stay away."

    He went on to say throught Twitter, "To news media, please message:  If you must walk in the street, please walk against traffic; wear bright clothing; dangerous situation."

    Carlee spoke with Channel 9 on Thursday morning, providing an update on how the city is monitoring the winter storm.

    Carlee said he thought the city had done a great job preparing for the winter weather. His main concern was making sure residents stayed off the roads Thursday.

    “We have a lot of people that have to be at work as does the private sector, including our hospitals, our hotels -- there are a lot of people that have to keep society running. Let's keep the roads clear for them,” Carlee said.

    He also said that sidewalks and parking lots are extremely dangerous, and that pedestrians are at risk just as much as drivers in these conditions.

    “Whatever you're doing, whether it's on foot or in a car, you've got to use extreme caution,” Carlee said.

    Mayor Patrick Cannon echoed those thoughts.

    "If you can stay home, or in a place where it's safe, please do so. Please don't go out," he told Channel 9 Thursday morning.

    Cannon said no further discussions have taken place at this point about closing roads. He said all streets in Charlotte have ice -- even the primary roads that have been treated and might appear to show bare pavemment.

    "So you want to be extremely cautious and careful out there because anything can happen right now," he said.

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    City manager Carlee takes tour of city, tweets photos