Charlotte police prepped for busy Speed Street

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Charlotte police are gearing up for one of uptown's biggest annual events – Circle K Speed Street presented by Coca-Cola that runs from Thursday to Saturday.

Law enforcement will bring in off-duty officers and maybe some on-duty officers from other parts of the city.

An internal memo last week showed the department was still looking for more than 100 officers to sign up for duty during Speed Street.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police said they have filled all of the positions and are ready for the influx of more than 200,000 visitors for the three-day event.

"We make a big deal of it," Betty Davis, who will be attending Speed Street, said. "We go down and have lunch and hang out together."

Resident Whitney Harris said security is always on her mind at events like Speed Street.

“I think it's on the back of everyone's heads but I don't think anything crazy,” Harris said. “I tend to try and be a little more optimistic.”