Charlotte protests cost city $4.5 million, officials say

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The Charlotte protests costs the city $4.5 million, according to officials.

The cost summary released by officials covers a three-week period ranging from Sept. 20 through Oct 7.

Money from the general fund added up to $4.46 million that included payroll/ overtime, operating expenses and property damage. Property damage exceeded $122,000, while most of the costs went to payroll and overtime -- $4.14 million.

Operating expenses cost the city $296,458.

LINK: Breakdown of costs

The costs incurred by the city and does include costs associated with damage to privately-owned property. The city does not anticipate any of these costs will qualify for federal or state reimbursement, officials said.

City officials anticipate they will use current capital reserves and various operational savings to offset the majority of the costs.

Departments included were:

  • Police
  • Fire
  • Solid Waste Service
  • Transportation
  • Engineering and property management
  • Neighborhood and business services
  • City manager's office
  • Innovation and technology

Other costs came from:

  • Charlotte Water
  • CATS
  • Convention Center
  • NASCAR Hall of Fame

Property damage totaled $122,115

  • Police- $60,500
  • CATS- $26,000
  • Convention Center- $8,587
  • NASCAR Hall of Fame- $27,000