• Charlotte rental scooter used during car break-In

    By: Gina Esposito


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A person told Channel 9 he could tell a thief was driving a scooter while breaking into his truck because of the headlights.

    Security video shows a rental scooter’s lights shine on the pavement as its rider parked next to Bruce Abercrombie’s black truck.

    For the next 45 minutes, in the video, the scooter was moved several times while the thief went in and out of the truck on Greenland Avenue in west Charlotte early Saturday.

    [LINK: Bird scooters privacy act]

    [LINK: Lime scooter privacy act]

    Abercrombie said some sentimental items were stolen from the truck.

    “I have my police ID and my police shield from when I retired from the Charlotte police department,” he said.

    Abercrombie, a former Charlotte-Mecklenburg Department Police sergeant, said he believes the scooter used in the crime could help track down who stole from him.

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    “They look like they would be easy to trace since they have to link it to a credit card,” Abercrombie said.

    “Naturally, any type of investigative tools that we can use as a resource, we're going to do that,” said Jonathan Frisk, with CMPD crime prevention.

    Channel 9 looked up privacy notices for the two scooter companies in Charlotte - Bird and Lime.

    Both companies said they collect riders' personal information and use GPS to track the bike.

    Bird officials said the company may use your information to detect, investigate and prevent activities that may violate our policies or be illegal.

    Lime officials said a subpoena or other lawful process is required to access rider data.

    Abercrombie said he hopes the thief sees the flier he handed to neighbors, which demands that he get his stuff back.

    “But if (I) don't get them back by today, the deal’s off,” Abercrombie said. “That's their get-out-of-jail-free card.”

    Police said if you witness someone committing a crime with one of the scooters, you should notify officers.

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