‘You are not forgotten’: Charlotte Rescue Mission serves food to nearly 500 people on Thanksgiving

CHARLOTTE — The Charlotte Rescue Mission fed around 500 people this Thanksgiving.

Volunteers arrived early Thursday to start preparing breakfast, which was served at 7 a.m. Over 100 people helped make the meals.

“Everybody deserves to eat. No person should go hungry,” said volunteer Christopher Patterson. “Especially when we have all the supplies, so much to supply.”

Food preparation has been taking place all week.

The Charlotte Rescue Mission is a Christianity-based program open to those addicted to drugs and/or alcohol, with most participants also experiencing homelessness.

George Shannon, who went through the Charlotte Rescue Mission in 1998, returns to the event every year.

“We’ve been coming here for the last eight, nine years, during the holidays,” Shannon said. “The experience here is amazing.”

Shannon has a son nearby and is looking forward to spending time with him this holiday season.

“I have a son here by the grace of God,” Shannon said. “I’m going to speak to him and spend some time with him.”

After breakfast, the rescue served Thanksgiving lunch and screened a movie.

Rescue mission President Tony Marciano said Thursday is not just about the meals.

“It’s not about the food, it’s never been about the food,” Marciano said. “it’s making people feel so special and loved. The food is just an excuse to bring people together.”

For attendees, the ministry is not only providing a fulfilling meal, but a place of comfort.

“This ministry lets you know that you are not forgotten, said attendee George Shannon. “You are not forgotten.”

If you are in need of a meal, all you have do is show up. The mission is located on West First Street, which is northwest of South Cedar Street in Uptown.

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