Charlotte works on pitch for location of Amazon's second headquarters

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Charlotte has a little over a month to make a pitch for Amazon’s second headquarters.

The e-commerce giant has launched a nationwide search for the city where it's new headquarters can call home.

Charlotte received its fair share of negative attention over the last year and a half, including the HB2 controversy.

Mayor Jennifer Roberts said Tuesday that Charlotte will still look good, even to a multi-billion dollar company like Amazon.

[LINK: Amazon HQ Requirements]

"I believe it does have what it takes. It'll be good for the people too," Charlotte local Brian Pineda said.

It's a multi-billion dollar deal every major city in the nation wants to land.

Amazon said a second headquarters would create 50,000 jobs with an average pay of more than $100,000.

"We're getting collaboration with the state, with the region. I've had a number of people reach out and say they want to help," Roberts said.

Amazon is looking for a city with more than a million people, a stable business friendly environment, and a community with the amenities and schools to attract top talent.

Charlotte Regional Partnership and the Chamber are not releasing many details yet.

Khadija Muhammad grew up in Charlotte and doesn't think it will be hard to convince Amazon.

"It's not a tough sell. It's not a tough sell at all," Muhammad said.

Already some national reports have claimed Charlotte doesn't have a chance, but Roberts said Amazon already has a footprint here, which could give the Queen City the edge that it needs.

"Yes, they know that. They have seen it in our workforce, they've got experience here," Roberts said.

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