Charlotte woman shaken after men shoot at car

Charlotte woman shaken after men shoot at car

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — A Charlotte mother is upset after she says someone in another car shot at hers, causing her front passenger window to shatter.

Kimberly Bank says she was stopped at a red light at the intersection of Mt. Holly-Huntersville Road and Brookshire Boulevard Tuesday afternoon when the shooting happened.

"All I heard was boom! It was so scary. I thought someone hit my car with a car," Bank said.

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Channel 9 is asking Charlotte-Mecklenburg police if they have identified any of the men yet.

Her car wasn't hit but her window was, and the shattered pieces of glass hit her.

Bank says a group of men who were waving a gun out a window are responsible.

"I'm grateful my kids weren't in the car. I'm grateful I'm standing here. But it's not right," she said as she held back tears.

When Channel 9 met with Bank, we could see the scratches on her face from where the glass cut her.

What cut even deeper was what she learned from the good Samaritan who stopped to help.

According to Bank, an elderly woman who witnessed the incident confirmed that the men did fire shots.

“She said, 'They were waving at you the whole time with the gun.'”

Bank is upset that no one else alerted or warned her.

Now she wants to give others a warning, so drivers know what to watch for.

Bank says she was targeted by four young men driving an older burgundy Honda with tinted windows and a spoiler.

She’s already talked to several other people who have also seen a group of men in a similar car terrorizing nearby neighborhoods. She's hoping word will continue to spread until they are caught.

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