• Crowds go to Charlotte-area Chick-fil-A restaurants after controversy


    SALISBURY, N.C. - Just like Chick-fil-A restaurants all over the country, hundreds packed the parking lot and clogged the drive-through at the restaurant on E. Innes Street in Salisbury.

    "It's a little bit crazy out here," said one of hundreds of people wearing shirts representing Cornerstone Church.

    Cornerstone Pastor Bill Godair said he paid for more than 500 of his congregants to eat at Chick-fil-A on Wednesday to show support for comments made by the restaurant's president, Dan Cathy, indicating he did not believe in same-sex marriage.

    "This is not about being against same-sex marriage," said Godair. "It's about everyone's right to free speech and not being told to leave a city or anything like that for something that you've said."

    As members of Cornerstone showed up, some shuttled to the Chick-fil-A in buses, a crowded drive-through became even more congested. Some people told us they waited more than an hour for food.

    "It was worth it, though," said another church member. "We wanted to show our support and that's exactly what we did."

    While the overwhelming majority of people we spoke to supporter Cathy and Chick-fil-A, one local man told us he was disturbed by the scene at the restaurant.

    "I think it's sad," said Dan Stach. "It's a gathering of people who are contributing money to somebody who wants to take away rights."

    Stach said he tried to organize a last-minute rally against Chick-fil-A but it did not materialize. He's hoping to organize a protest in Salisbury on Friday, when people all over the country are planning a "Same-Sex Kiss Day."

    "I'm heterosexual, so I don't think my wife wants me up here kissing any men," Stach said, jokingly. "However, I am going to try to get as many people as I can up here to try and participate in that."

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