• Chief Meteorologist Steve Udelson opens up about major hip surgery, road to recovery


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - You've probably noticed someone missing from our newscasts the past few weeks -- Chief Meteorologist Steve Udelson. 

    Steve's not on vacation -- he had major surgery last month and is still recovering. 

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    One month ago, Steve underwent double hip replacement surgery. 

    There should be some space between the ball and the socket, but in Steve's case, it was bone-on-bone in both hips. 

    "The hip is not, the ball and socket do not line up well," Steve said. "And also, arthritis. I had, by the time I got surgery, end-stage arthritis in both hips. End-stage meaning it is not going to get any better."

    Steve said the doctors cleaned up the ball and socket.

    "The ball is polyurethane, and it's connected to a titanium rod, which they, and this is the tough part, drill into your femur," Steve said.

    As painful as it sounds, Steve said it put an end to his pain.

    He said he was back on his feet a few hours after surgery and pain-free. 

    "So, I now have some titanium, and we are all good to go," Steve said.

    He's now walking about 2-miles a day and said he can't wait to be back doing the weather. 

    "I look forward to getting back and like we said, I'm going to be recharged and ready to go when I get back in a few weeks," Steve said. 

    One byproduct of the surgery is because his hip was bone-on-bone and there's now the space between that should have been there to start with, Steve said he's grown about a half-inch. 

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