Child seen steering motorcycle at 85 mph on interstate

Child seen steering motorcycle at 85 mph on interstate

ROWAN COUNTY, N.C. — A woman said she spotted a child steering a motorcycle at the driver’s seat, while a man sat behind the child.

The witness, who took photos of the dangerous situation, said it happened on Interstate 85 North near the Jake Alexander Boulevard Exit.

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She also said the motorcycle was going 85 mph.

The viewer said she and her boyfriend called the North Carolina Highway Patrol, and the couple was told that because officials did not witness it personally, there was nothing they could do.

Trooper Ray Pierce said it was evident the adult did not have full control of the motorcycle.

"It is obviously illegal," Pierce said.

Troopers could press charges if a witness is willing to go to court.

“Obviously, we cannot be everywhere,” Pierce said. “We can do something. We can find out where that person lives and educate them -- and hopefully keep them from operating that motorcycle that way and endangering the safety of that child.”

Troopers would like to speak the adult on the motorcycle.

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