Children’s play highlights how parents can talk to kids about racism

CHARLOTTE — Anchor Erica Bryant spoke with representatives of the Harvey B. Gantt Center and Children’s Theatre of Charlotte who have partnered to stream “A Kid’s Play about Racism.”


“The play is actually adapted from the book, ‘A Kids Book about Racism’ by Jalani Memory,” said Arlethia Hailstock, of Children’s Theatre of Charlotte. “The play is an adaptation of the book. “It is putting words that kids are hearing a lot now and putting in on their level, helping them understand what racism really is and how parents can talk to their kids about racism.”

Children’s Theatres programs across the country will also stream a reading of the book followed by a stage performance. There will be a panel discussion after that to engage parents.

“We have included a child psychologist and a teaching artist on the panel that will help attack this situation on all sides,” said Afeni Grace, of the Harvey Gantt Center. “And give parents greater access on how to communicate with their children about issues about racism.”

The live performance is free and will be at 2 p.m. Saturday.

You can watch it here on the Gantt Center’s website.