• Chilling 911 call describes scene where man runs over, kills mother, another woman

    By: Natalie Pasquarella


    ROCK HILL, S.C. - Channel 9 heard a gripping account from the night a local man ran over two people, including his mother.

    Eyewitness News obtained the edited 911 call which sheds new insight into the slayings as a frantic neighbor describes what she saw.

    Joshua Grose was arrested Friday night in connection to the slayings and tried to drown himself in a jail cell toilet early Sunday.

    Sheriff's deputies said he became extremely combative and started beating his head against the cell wall.

    He died of blunt force trauma at the hospital.

    In the 911 call, the neighbor explains seeing the man run someone over while she and her husband watched from their window.

    The neighbor watched the gruesome scene unfold Friday night on Mount Gallant Road in York County.

    She called 911 for what seemed to be an argument next door.

    "There seems to be a bad fight, next, uh next door," the caller said. "One's on the ground, one just got up."

    LISTEN to the 911 call

    The neighbor saw who police said was Joshua Grose and his mother, Sandra Grose.

    The caller quickly became frantic talking to dispatchers after what she saw next.

    "There's something going on bad. Hurry up. He just, I don't know if he, I think he just ran them over in the red car. You all, he's running her over," the caller said.

    "He ran over somebody?" the dispatcher asked.

    "He's running her over, or him. Yes. Get in here. Yes. He's running them over in the driveway. Oh please hurry up," the caller said.

    Deputies now said Grose stole a woman's SUV, ran her over and killed her.

    He then drove to his home and ran over his mother, killing her, deputies said.

    The neighbor in the 911 call tried to keep it together as she watched Grose in the truck.

    "Ma'am you've been so calm. Let's stay calm, because you help me when you are calm. So this person is running…" the dispatcher said.

    "Running him over in a … repeatedly in a truck. We're right, we're right next door," the call said.

    Read more on how Grose was found dead in his jail cell here.

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