• City OKs turning Bojangles Coliseum into sports complex

    By: Tenikka Smith


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Louise Woods is the co-chairwoman of Charlotte East and said the group was thrilled that the Charlotte City Council approved a budget that includes plans to transform the coliseum into an amateur sports complex.

    "This is a way to jump-start the possibilities that can happen down this corridor," Woods said.

    She said it will also help attract new businesses, including hotels and restaurants.

    This time of year, the Bojangles Coliseum is busy with high school graduations. After the $25 million redesign, Councilman James Mitchell said that will not change.

    Seating at the coliseum will drop from 11,000 to 7,000, which is still enough to accommodate graduations, entertainment, and other events. It could house a variety of sports like volleyball, lacrosse, basketball and indoor track.

    Ovens Auditorium next door will also get a facelift.

    Mitchell said the city envisions it will include a smaller auditorium and banquet halls.

    "We are not turning away the opportunity to still have entertainment at Ovens and Bojangles.This is another dimension which has worked in other cities," Woods said.

    Leaders hope it will work for Charlotte and put the city in a better position to ultimately land the world's premier sporting event, the Olympics.

    "We love what it is now and we think the changes will make it have even greater opportunities for the community," said Woods.

    Mitchell said city leaders must now put in a request for proposals from architects and developers.

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