• Woman survives being shot in head in Grier Heights

    By: Sarah Rosario


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Charlotte police are looking for two teens spotted running away from a shooting in the Grier Heights neighborhood. That's where they said Jenea Sylvester was shot in the head Monday and survived.

    "Life is too short, and tomorrow is never promised," said Sylvester.

    Sylvester said she was just standing on her back porch when she said she was shot out of nowhere. She said she doesn't know who or why someone would shoot her, but now she's taking extra measures to protect herself.

    She and her 6-year-old son are staying at a hotel. She said it's the only place they feel safe considering what happened to her.

    "I was outside cleaning up the trash from the raccoons, and then I just heard people running, but I didn't see. Then I heard gunshots," she said.

    Sylvester said she cleans up her porch every morning. She said says she knew she was shot when she felt her head burning and saw blood. Neighbors say they didn't hear those gunshots but said it is common in their neighborhood. Some are even considering moving.

    It's actually scary because anything can happen at any time and you would never know," said neighbor Brianna Rhone.

    When Sylvester told Eyewitness News her story, she had black scarf covering her gauze bandaged head with the bullet still in it. She said the doctors told her it would be better for her if they left it then try to take it out.

    Sylvester said she couldn't point out her shooters in a lineup if she had to. Now that she has a second chance at life, she's looking at it differently.

    "I don't take life for granted. I just live everyday like it's my last because you never know when you have to leave here," said Sylvester.

    On Tuesday night, Eyewitness News saw a police car was parked outside of Sylvester's apartment complex, although Sylvester said she can't remember what the shooters looked like.

    A witness said two teens were spotted leaving the scene. Police are asking anyone with information to contact them.

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