Police: Man arrested in connection to multiday robbery spree

Police: Man arrested in connection to multi-day robbery spree
Police said Michael Kelly went on a crime spree that started last Sunday at a Walmart on North Tryon Street, where they said he indicated he had a weapon and robbed an employee.

At a Sam’s Mart on North Tryon Street three days later, police said he told the clerk he had a gun before stealing money.   

Just across the street is Ford's Used Tires where a worker there said news of the armed robbery is concerning.

"We close up late like 7 or 8 (p.m.), so you never know what could happen. (There are) people walking up and down the street, so you never know," said Barrett Blue.

 Police said the Sam's Mart was actually the second location in Kelly's multiday crime spree.  

They say he hit it on Wednesday. Then again on Thursday morning, police said he came to a 7-Eleven in Plaza-Midwood where he held police said was a gun underneath his clothing, pointing it at two cashiers as he stole the cash.

Hours later police said Kelly went to the CVS down the street from the 7-Eleven and grabbed the cashier's arm demanding money.  Once he got it, he ran away.

"It's very concerning it just makes you concerned of being in the neighborhood," said Johntavius McCleary.

Finally officers were able to track down Kelly Thursday.  He's been charged with common law robbery and robbery with a dangerous weapon.

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