• CMPD officer accused of killing unarmed man enters ‘not guilty' plea

    By: Mark Becker


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Attorneys want to move the trial of a Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department officer charged in the death of an unarmed man to another county, according to new court documents.

    Officer Randall Kerrick pleaded not guilty of voluntary manslaughter Friday in Jonathan Ferrell's death.

    SPECIAL SECTION: Jonathan Ferrell 
    Kerrick's attorneys requested the case be tried outside of Mecklenburg County because he would not get a fair trial.

    Channel 9 discussed the documents with legal expert Rob Corbett.

    “The defense is stating that based on publicity that this case has received that a change of venue, meaning that it should be moved to another county or one of the surrounding counties,” Corbett said.
    The case has been watched closely by many, including civil rights activist John Barnett.

    “We definitely want to let our presence be known here,” Barnett said. 


    He has led a movement demanding the release of the dashcam video from that night in September 2013.
    “You have to be persistent in your efforts to seek justice,” Barnett said. “Every time we see a shooting like the one in South Carolina, it just rears its ugly head as to in reference to what's going on with this.”
    His group plans to attend every hearing in this case.
    Corbett said it remains to be seen where that will be because motions to change a venue are rarely granted.
    “I think you run the risk that a jury in a surrounding county may be just as familiar with the facts of this particular case but they definitely always have a chance,” Corbett said.
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