• CMPD releases crime stats; robberies increased 15 percent

    By: Holly Maynard


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - New numbers from Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department give a better idea of where certain crimes are increasing in Charlotte.

    On Thursday, police said that overall, robberies in Charlotte had increased 15 percent this year. 

    Using the latest numbers that CMPD released on its website, we now have a look at robbery rates in each division.  The numbers reflect the department's year-to-date summary ending in September 2012.

    They show that the Providence Division, which covers some of Charlotte's most picturesque neighborhoods in Dilworth and Myers Park, saw a 45 percent increase in robberies from the year before.  

    One woman, who asked that we only refer to her as "Betty," said she has lived there for several years.

    "I do worry about going out to eat and whatnot, somebody coming up with a gun and trying to get you," she said.

    The captain of the Providence Division told Channel 9 that despite this year's increase, robberies were down there in 2010 and 2011.

    That is not the only division with a sizable increase in robberies shown through the September numbers. 

    There was about a 46 percent increase in the Eastway Division, a 40 percent increase in the Freedom Division, and a 38 percent increase in the North Division.

    The captain of the North Division called Channel 9 to say the latest numbers from October show a 14 percent increase in robberies for the year and a 64 percent decrease for the quarter. 

    The captain of the Eastway Division said they have increased their night-time and weekend staffing to combat the increase in robberies. Just this week they made two arrests on separate robberies.

    On Thursday, CMPD said they're focusing on arresting the most violent offenders now.  So far this year they've made 586 robbery arrests. 

    "Just to let you know, 15 of those individuals were arrested for robbery more than once this year," said Deputy Chief Doug Gallant.

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