CMS fires employee accused of sending inappropriate text to teenager

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The Charlotte-Mecklenburg School District said a district employee who was being investigated for accusations of inappropriate behavior has been fired.

Channel 9 spoke with the mother who said her 15-year-old daughter received the inappropriate message from a close family friend.

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She said the 35-year-old man was working as a monitor at White Water Middle School when her daughter was a sixth-grader there.

She said the text message thread started innocently enough, with the man asking about her daughter’s homework, but he then followed it up with a question with clear sexual overtones.

“And I said, ‘What is it that he said?’ And she told me what he said,” the mother, who didn’t want to be identified, said.

“It was clearly over the line?” Eyewitness News reporter Mark Becker asked. “Definitely. He’s a grown adult, so he knows better,” she said.

She was angry enough to post about it on Facebook, where it’s gotten more than 100 comments.

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She also reported the incident to CMS and CMS police. The district confirmed it is investigating.

The mother also claimed the school employee has a criminal record.

“How do you know he had a past?” Becker asked. “He informed me about it,” she said.

Channel 9 found federal court documents from Virginia showing a man with the same name and same age had been sentenced to three years in prison on fraud charges back in 2009.

CMS officials said that kind of conviction wouldn’t necessarily disqualify him from teaching, but they’re reviewing how he was hired.

District officials said the employee was terminated Jan. 10.

CMS released the following statement:

"The safety and well-being of students is always a top priority. CMS is aware of serious allegations of inappropriate behavior being circulated on social media involving a district employee. This matter is under investigation by CMS law enforcement and district officials. CMS policy prohibits inappropriate communications between employees and students. The district will respond based on the findings of an ongoing investigation into this matter."

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