• CMS police: Nude pics of female teens shared at several schools

    By: Jim Bradley


    CHARLOTTE - The news spread quickly among outraged parents at Hough High and Bailey Middle schools.

    RAW VIDEO: CMS investigator talks about nude photos posted online 

    Charlotte-Mecklenburg school police said Wednesday they're investigating who used the photo-share website Dropbox to post 75 nude photos of middle and high school girls.
    Sources told Channel 9 that 65 local girls were posted on that site, some as young as 14 years old.
    Parents couldn't believe students at Bailey Middle School were involved.
    "I'm shocked and just as a mother, I'm appalled," Gail Mellina said.
    "They certainly need counseling," said Bob Shipman, a grandparent.
    Sources said police believe a middle school boy created the Dropbox account last December and loaded photos the girls took of themselves then shared them with friends at Hough, Bradley Middle and Bailey Middle.
    One mother who didn't want to be identified said the problem is much deeper than school officials are aware of.
    She said boys at Hough High play a game with the pictures.
    They call it Pokemon.
    The mother said they collect and trade nude photos, even placing point values on them, ranking the photos 1 through 10.
    Some parents said they're relieved their kids weren't involved but still plan to have a long talk with them.

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