• Woman linked to Petraeus' extramarital affair expected to return home Sunday

    By: Jeff Smith


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Eyewitness News has learned the woman at the center of the extramarital affair that cost the director of the Central Intelligence Agency his job lives in Dilworth.

    No one was home at the upscale house on Friday afternoon or evening. The house belongs to General David Petraeus' biographer -- Paula Broadwell -- where she lives with her husband and two young children.

    Petraeus was one of the most powerful men in the world. He was the head of the CIA, and was considered by presidents and politicians to be a national hero.

    "What a shame that a man who everyone seemed to think very highly of has been brought down. And it's very shocking to hear that there's a Charlotte connection, right here in my own neighborhood," said neighbor Alan Hickok.

    Petraeus gave his letter of resignation to the President on Thursday, admitting he had an extramarital affair. The president accepted his resignation on Friday.

    The Associated Press reported the FBI uncovered the affair by monitoring Petraeus' emails, after the bureau was alerted that Broadwell may have accessed the general's personal e-mail account.

    Broadwell recently wrote a biography on Petraeus called "All In." The AP reported she had an affair with General Petraeus.

    Petraeus had been married for 38 years. He spoke highly of his wife in interviews over the years.

    "She is a symbol of strength and dedication of families at home. She has hung tough while I've been deployed for five and a half years since 9/11," Petraeus said several years ago.

    Before becoming head of the CIA last year, Petraeus led US forces in Iraq and Afghanistan, and he literally wrote the Army manual on counter-insurgency.

    Broadwell is also married with two young children. On her driveway in Dilworth reads a note written in chalk: "Dad loves Mom."

    "Yes it is surprising, especially particularly when you're talking about the Central Intelligence Agency, the holder of all the nation's secrets," Hickok said.

    The FBI said Petraeus was not under criminal investigation, but was being investigated because as director of the CIA he holds national secrets, which could make him vulnerable to blackmail or extortion.

    Broadwell wrote she's known Petraeus for six years and was embedded with him in Afghanistan for a year to write his biography.

    Eyewitness News tried emailing her, but those emails were not returned. A reporter also spoke briefly with her mother-in-law on the phone, but she hung up.


    Broadwell expected to return home Sunday

    Neighbors said Paula Broadwell is expected to return home sometime on Sunday, but as of 12 p.m. there has been no activity at her home in Dilworth.

    Broadwell has been in Washington, D.C., for the last few days with her family to celebrate her birthday, but all attempts by Channel 9 to reach her or  her relatives has been unsuccessful since the scandal broke.

    New details are emerging about how the FBI became involved in the scandal.

    The Associated Press said Broadwell sent threatening and harassing e-mails to another woman who was close with General David Petraeus and the unidentified woman went to the FBI.

    Investigators discovered that Broadwell may have hacked Petreaus's personal G-mail account and sent the emails to his associates.

    Broadwell has known Petraeus for six years and is heavily involved in charity work for veterans here in Charlotte.

    It is unclear how her public profile will now change due to the incident.

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