College students urged to get tested before heading home for Thanksgiving

College students urged to get tested before heading home for Thanksgiving

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — College students are being urged to get tested before heading home for Thanksgiving.

Whether students are flying or driving home, universities are ramping up efforts to make sure they don’t bring the virus back to their family for the holidays.

“I’m in the dorms right now, it’s a little different,” App State freshman Riley Moore said.

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Moore is planning to drive home to Shelby for Thanksgiving. He said his school is encouraging students to get tested for COVID-19 before they leave.

“I’ve been tested once. Results came back negative and I’m going to get tested again before I head home this week,” he said.

App State is requiring all students to get tested again before returning to campus in January.

NC-State and The University of North Carolina at Wilmington are asking the same.

UNCC is urging students to get a test at least 3 to 4 days before they go home.

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Gaston County Public Health Director Steve Eaton said all these precautions should help limit the spread during the holidays.

“If they were to test positive at school, then they could self isolate and quarantine where they are rather than bringing it into a home where there could be people who are negatively impacted

While many students will be driving home, Duke University student Trey Diclaro flew through Charlotte Douglas this week so he could see family in New York.

He said flying is easier and he hopes he takes all the right steps to stay safe.

“It was definitely a little bit strange, especially when you see people coughing, you see people with a little sniffles… you wonder if they have the virus,” he said.

To make testing more accessible to students on college campuses, the state is sending nearly 75,000 rapid tests to colleges across North Carolina and working to have testing events on campus.

UNCC administrators are urging students to get a COVID-19 screening test before they go home. The university has partnered with the county health department to administer the tests.

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