Community holds vigil for 4 people killed during Beatties Ford shooting

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — People came together Thursday night to hold a vigil for the four people killed after a celebration ended in gunfire.

People met at the corner of Catherine Simmons and Beatties Ford Road to honor Christopher Gleaton, Kelly Miller, Dairyon Stevenson and Jamaa Cassell.

Family, friends and even people who didn’t know them showed up to show their support.

“We are a tight-knit community on Beatties Ford Road, so when something happens like this, we all come together. Like I said, I just came to pay my respects and enjoy the vibe,” resident Covache Ratliff said.

Just after midnight Monday, the party turned violent when a car hit someone. Police said 400 people were there as someone fired more than 100 rounds of gunfire.

Several people were also hit by cars. In total, four people died.