Company pretends to raise money for school sports programs

CORNELIUS, N.C. — Officials at Hough High School said a company is pretending to raise money for the school and they're not seeing a dime.

Hough High in Cornelius is preparing for sports to restart as summer comes to an end.

Athletic Club President Richard Colven wants as many people to be interested in the Huskies as possible.

“Our fall sports have already had tryouts, our teams are practicing and we are very excited with what our student athletes are going to do,” Colven said.

He's concerned with recent alleged unauthorized support coming from Texas though.

“It is a lie from start to finish,” Colven said.

Colven said Texas-based Boost Sports is calling Lake Norman businesses, asking them if they want to buy things like sponsorships, T-shirts and banners.

Colven said this year the company sent the school 20 unauthorized T-shirts and two banners with local businesses printed on them.

He said the company claims it is working with the school but that's not true.

“They are taking advantage of that because people want to help out,” Colven said. “People want to get their names involved with local schools and people want to help the students.

The company isn't even printing the right Husky mascot.

Colven is warning local businesses to check with athletic directors before sending a check and to never send money on the first call.

The company has an F rating because of similar complaints across the country, according to the Better Business Bureau.

**DISCLAIMER: Channel 9 previously posted a picture on the story that showed the school marquee that featured the company Care Free Boat Club, which is not the business pretending to raise money for Hough High School**

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