Concord neighbors plea for Duke Energy to fix power outages as temps soar

CONCORD, N.C. — Neighbors at The Mills at Rocky River in Concord said they’ve been without power off and on since Thursday, and told Channel 9 something needs to change.

With our heat index in the mid-90s this week, many neighbors said they just want Duke Energy to fix whatever is causing the widespread, intermittent power outages. Many of them reached out to Channel 9 looking for answers with tweets and Facebook posts.

Neighbors said about 100 homes are impacted in the new development, with buzzing air conditioning units and flickering power.

Latasha Pross said one of the power surges ruined her new $1,500 television.

“Now they have to replace the whole entire screen because of whatever is possibly going on,” she said.

Some other neighbors told Channel 9 the power went on and off three times in just five minutes, which can lead to very expensive repairs for HVAC units.

They said when residents report it to Duke Energy, they claim the company sends them a text that the issue is resolved -- when it really isn’t -- leaving them concerned about the next time it could go out. And on a hot day, they need their electricity.

“On these hot days, when it’s 90-something degrees, we definitely need AC. Definitely,” Pross said.

Duke Energy sent Channel 9 the following statement:

“Duke Energy is aware of the power quality issues some customers experienced this past weekend in The Mills at Rocky River subdivision. Our reliability and engineering teams are currently working to identify the problem and reduce impacts to customers. We apologize to customers for the inconvenience as we work to identify a solution.”

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