Concord teen who collapsed during basketball game reunites with rescuers

CONCORD, N.C. — Concord teenager Tyler Brock collapsed during a parks and recreation basketball game, Saturday. The game was held at J N Fries Middle School.

Coach Rodney Smith said Saturday's game was the first of the season.

"We had just finished the first quarter of the game. And the kid that collapsed, Tyler, was walking besides me, and all I heard was a big kaa-boom," Smith said.

In surveillance video from the school's gym, Tyler could be seen collapsing in the stands.

Smith said he rushed over to Tyler, and tried to get him to speak.

He said Tyler was breathing, but then he stopped.

Tyler's father, Dietrich, and mother, Shawanna, came over to see what was wrong.

Smith brought Tyler down to the floor, and called for an AED.

In surveillance video, Officer Corey Hynson rushed over to help. Hynson radioed for paramedics.

Smith and Hynson used compressions and shocks on Tyler.

Around this time, several people gathered around to pray. Smith said a referee even held on to Tyler's leg and prayed.

Shawanna said those minutes her son's heart wasn't beating was the scariest moment in her life.

"We felt, we felt his heart,” Smith said.

Hynson said he then tilted Tyler's head back, and he heard him gasp for air.

Paramedics took Tyler to CMC Main, where he is still recovering, Tuesday. Channel 9 spoke with Tyler in his hospital bed.

"It's hard to take in,” he said.

Tyler said he doesn't remember much from the basketball game. He does remember waking up in the hospital surrounded by family. He also said he received over 100 text messages from friends.

On Tuesday, he was reunited with the two men responsible for saving his life.

Concord Police Chief Gary Gacek made an appearance and gave Tyler a special coin from the Concord Police Department.

His father thanked them.

"God put these two men in my life for a purpose," he said.

Doctor's told Tyler's family he has an enlarged heart, and is one of the lucky ones.

"When I woke up on Sunday morning, I had such a joy in my heart even though this is scary. He's here and we still have our son", his mother said.

Tyler is expected to return home from the hospital by Saturday. He won't return to basketball, but will be focused on his recovery.

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