Counties could raise gas taxes in South Carolina

Counties could raise gas taxes in South Carolina

FORT MILL, S.C. — New legislation in South Carolina would allow counties to raise the local gas tax to pay for road repairs.

Paying at the pump would increase in the state known for its low gas prices if it passes.

The low prices are partly due to the state's low gas tax, about 16 cents per gallon and one of the lowest in the U.S.

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The tax in North Carolina is two times higher, but the new bill could change that.

That bill would allow counties to impose a fee on gas sales to pay for road improvement projects and road maintenance within the county.

Fort Mill town Councilman Larry Huntley said he believes road improvements are a state responsibility.

He said he'd like the state to start using the current tax to only fund road improvements, which is something he said isn't happening now.

That bill is in the Committee on Finance and if it becomes law, counties would have to ask voters via referendum before putting that tax in place.