• Couple says they were arrested while singing gospel


    GASTONIA, N.C. - A local couple is now filing a complaint against the Gastonia Police Department because they say they were arrested for singing gospel music.
    Channel 9 talked to the couple Thursday night about how a night of singing ended up with both parents in handcuffs.
    The Gardin family spends many nights practicing gospel songs at their home in Gastonia.
    Ronnie Gardin and Anissa Gardin's three children are in a gospel group.
    But this summer the parents were handcuffed in front of their children, according to the couple.
    The Gardins said on Father's Day the family wrapped up singing practice and came outside to find police, who said they heard a report of someone fighting in the street.
    “If anybody did report anything that was loud, maybe music, but otherwise than that, no one was fighting," Anissa Gardin said.
    She said things began to escalate after police asked for her son's ID. Ronnie Gardin said he told his son to go back inside.
    “When I said that, it's like two of them rolled up on, walked up on the porch and grabbed me, slammed me on the ground," Ronnie Gardin said.
    Anissa Gardin's charge of resisting an officer was dismissed after appearing in court.
    Ronnie Gardin said it took four months for his charges to be dropped.
    The Police Department said officers, detectives are investigating the matter following the complaint.

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