• CPCC parking deck off limits because new parts needed

    By: Joe Bruno


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Central Piedmont Community College officials said the student deck parking lot is closed because it was built with questionable construction materials and parts need to be replaced.

    [CATS parking garage closed due to safety, could be connected to another]

    The deck near Memorial Stadium has been off limits since October. Officials said welds and grouting need to be replaced.

    The deck contains hundreds of parking spaces, and students said that parking is already tough in the area, but they agree that the deck should be shut down.

    "If a lot of people use it and they’re trusting it and stuff like that, I’d definitely say that's a concern," student Josh Covarrubio said.

    Channel 9 investigated the exact same situation in 2017 with a Charlotte Area Transit System employee parking deck.

    The garage on North Davidson Street was closed in June after concerns arose that faulty materials had been used to build it. There's no set time for when that deck may reopen.

    The same contractor built the parking decks for CATS, CPCC and one in Cherokee.

    The contractor was sued after the Cherokee deck partially collapsed in 2015 and again in 2016.

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