• Crime down in Hickory Grove Division

    By: Catherine Bilkey


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Crime dropped by 6 percent across Charlotte last year, and in one part of town, it's down nearly 14 percent, according to the police department.

    For many of the more than 51,000 people who live in the Hickory Grove Division in east Charlotte, the drop in crime was a pleasant surprise.

    Some told Eyewitness News they had noticed a strong police presence.

    (To see the complete Dec. crime stats, click here)

    “They've been to my house whenever I've called and been very helpful,” Florentine Lang said.

    Police said they've been tracking crime trends, moving officers to high crime areas.

    "Everybody wants to (know) how did this work,” Lt. Jonathan Thomas said. “It's really simple. If you put the right people in jail, and we have the officers in the right places at the right times, it'll help with the success."

    Thomas said they've also made key arrests and used technology to pinpoint where crime is happening.

    In 2013, there was nearly a 14 percent drop in crime, the largest in the entire city including a 30 percent decrease in commercial burglaries, 18 percent decrease in residential burglaries and a 21 percent drop in overall violent crimes, according to police.

    “We still have robberies. We still have break-ins,” Thomas said. “But it's our job to make sure there's the least amount possible, and we did that this year.”

    The community wants them to keep it up.

    “Oh, most definitely because I do live in this neighborhood,” Lange said “I do work in this neighborhood. I do shop in this neighborhood. So therefore, I want to make sure it's as safe as possible for my child and also my grandson.”


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