• Dangerous wild hogs hunted in Anson County


    ANSON COUNTY - On Friday and Saturday, Anson County hosted its third annual Wild Hog Roundup.

    Hunters typically bring 15 to 20 hogs, however, this year they brought in around 40, and some of unusually large sizes. Forty-nine hunters participated in this year’s event.

    Many of the hogs were found in residential areas in Monroe and Wingate in Union County. Organizers said the hogs were dangerous and destructive to crops.

    The Wild Hog Roundup’s website features pictures from the competition. Here is a list of rules and regulations for the contest:

    1.  All hunters must be licensed to hunt in North Carolina or South Carolina to participate.  Minors must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

    2.  Only fresh killed hogs can be entered.

    3.  All hogs must be dead upon arriving at weigh station.

    4.  All hogs must be field dressed.

    5.  A 10-pound weight minimum will be in effect for small hogs.

    6.  Once a hog has been weighed and entered, the hog will be tagged and marked to prevent any double counting.

    7.  Once a hog is registered in the tournament, it is the responsibility of the hunter to remove it from the weigh station and store property.

    8.  Hogs can be hunted or trapped providing it is done within the limits of the appropriate state laws.

    9.  Hogs can be hunted by still hunting or team hunting with dogs.

    10.  Weigh-in hours will be 7:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. both Friday and Saturday.

    Twenty businesses sponsored this year’s Wild Hog Roundup.  Hunters were required to have their own land to hunt, and had to have hunting licenses in North or South Carolina.

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    Dangerous wild hogs hunted in Anson County

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