• Deadline for college applications in jeopardy after website problems

    By: Andrew Doud


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - High school students applying for college are hoping some will extend deadlines after a website that's supposed to make the application process easier has been trying to sort through a number of issues.

    The Common Application has posted notices on its website about the technical issues, but students said it could jeopardize their acceptance into certain colleges.

    "This is incredibly frustrating. It’s supposed to make the process easier and it's not doing what it's supposed to do,” said high school senior James McLaughlin.

    He's using the common application to apply to several schools, including UNC Chapel Hill.

    "The Common App is basically a streamlined application that we can fill out and we can submit it to multiple universities and it helps save us time so that we're not spending hours upon hours filling out tedious information," McLaughlin said.

    But this week, users have been having issues logging on and using other tools on the site.

    The site has posted notifications that it's operators are aware of the issues and is working to correct them.

    But McLaughlin said he has to submit his application to Chapel Hill by Tuesday night. He's concerned if he doesn't get an extension, he could miss out on thousands of dollars in scholarships.

    "If I’m not offered an extension I may not be counted for some merit scholarships that you get applying early action and so it's potentially costing me thousands of dollars," he said.

    UNC Chapel Hill is extending its application deadline because of the issue, and they're not the only school.

    In our area Davidson College told us they are also working with students on a case by case basis if they have issues with the app.

    The early application deadline was extended until Oct. 21. For more details click here.

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