Deadly Pineville shooting appears to be case of self-defense

Deadly Pineville shooting appears to be case of self-defense

PINEVILLE, N.C. — Authorities believe a deadly shooting Tuesday in Pineville was in self-defense.

A fight led to the shooting near Willow Run Road at the Willow Ridge Apartments off Park Road.

"I heard shot and I was nervous too because we can't believe that happened," resident Samantha Ciebadrel said.

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Donald Lee Blakney, 29, was shot and killed during a break-in at an apartment, officers said.

The occupant woke up went outside and confronted the suspect when they got into a scuffle and the occupant shot and killed Blakney.

"I was walking into the living room from the bedroom, and I heard a muffled noise that I thought could have been a shot," resident Dewain Cherry said.

Cherry heard more shots fired.

"There were two more shots that were extremely loud and scared me and I dialed 911," Cherry said.

Police said it appears to be a case of self-defense, even though Blakney was not armed. A firearms expert said that is state law.

"If you're attacked by someone, say he's breaking in your house and he comes at you and attacks you, you've got a right to use deadly force right then," said Larry Hyatt, with Hyatt Guns.