• Deliberation begins in trial of wrestling coach accused of sexual assault

    By: Ken Lemon


    GASTON COUNTY, N.C. - The future of a former wrestling coach accused of molesting three of his players is in the hands of a Gaston County jury.
    Deliberations in the Scott Goins are set to pick back up Tuesday morning.
    The three accusers were in the courtroom for closing arguments.

    They sat a few feet from the man they said isolated them from their teammates and molested them from 1998-2004.

    Family and friends surrounded them for support as the defense attorney began by telling jurors their allegations were all made up.

    Defense attorney Brent Ratchford was fiery in his closing.

    He asked how Scott Goins could force East Gaston High School wrestlers to have sex with him on road trips while other wrestlers were in the same hotel room.

    “And no one ever saw it, heard it, witnessed it, talked about," Ratchford said.

    He called the allegations unbelievable then he read greeting cards one of the accusers sent to Goins after Goins allegedly molested him.

    "I am grateful for all you do. Love you coach.  Happy Father's Day," the card read.

    He said the other two accusers who are brothers asked Goins to be part of their wedding parties years after they left school.

    "Ta-da!  We are in the wedding. Does that make sense?" Ratchford said. “Let's make up some details that can't be proven or disproven.”

    Prosecutor Stephanie Hamlin said, "It's the truth"

    Hamlin said Goins used hazing to determine who would resist him.

    "15, 16 witnesses all got together and made up all these stories about that man? That's ridiculous," Hamlin said.

    She said it was hard for the three accusers to testify that their wrestling coach did horrible things to them at school on wrestling trips and in their own homes.

    "There is no benefit here,” Hamlin said. “They are not getting paid to come up here and testify."

    Scott Goins is 46 years old and if he is convicted, the sentence may put him behind bars for the rest of his life.

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