• Deputies: Charlotte woman arrested after putting puppy in trunk

    By: Greg Suskin


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. -  Charlotte woman is charged with ill treatment of animals after shoppers at a flea market said they saw her shut her dog in the trunk of her car.

    Isla Corina Delcid-Almedare is now out of jail on bond. An eyewitness told Channel 9 he saw her Sunday walking her dog by her car at the Barnyard Flea Market on Highway 51 near the state line.

    He stared at the dog, trying to guess its breed. When he saw it shut into the trunk, he went to find a sheriff's deputy.

    Deputies said the-month-old Shih Tzu puppy was in the trunk for an hour, while Delcid-Almedare went shopping. They tried to find her and get her back to the car. One vendor told Channel 9 they were calling her name over the flea market's loud speaker system.

    "It was an accident. She didn't mean to do it," said her brother Pablo Reyes, when channel nine spoke to him in Charlotte Tuesday. Reyes said his sister would not have intentionally hurt her dog.

    "Maybe she thought she was coming back soon, and just forgot, you know," he said.

    A vendor who worked at the flea market on Sunday said a crowd gathered around the car once they figured out what was happening.

    He said when the dog was finally pulled from the trunk, it was wringing wet with sweat.

    Members of a York County activists group called the committee for responsible pet ownership reacted quickly to news of the alleged crime.

    "Just when you think you can't hear anything else horrible, you hear something like this," said Linda Stewart, with the CRPO.

    Stewart said if the woman is guilty, a judge needs to punish her in a way that sends a message. But she said the woman could've done something to avoid the whole ordeal.

    'It's simple. Leave your dog at home. If you love your dog that much, you leave them at home," she said.

    The puppy is now being kept at York County Animal Control where it will be housed until the case goes to court.

    Officials said the dog appears fine. When channel nine saw the puppy Tuesday, it was friendly, and scampered around the room, playful and energetic.

    Delcid-Almedare is expected in court next month.

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