• Students, faculty still deciding what to with UNCC classroom after shootings

    By: Glenn Counts


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Students and faculty talked about what to do with Room 236 in Kennedy Hall at UNC Charlotte, where, five months ago, two students were killed and four were injured when someone opened fire inside the classroom.

    The university is looking into how to remember the tragedy.

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    A student who was inside the room on April 30, the day of the shooting, said she doesn't want it to stay a classroom.

    Megan Beach said she would like to see the room become a memorial for Reed Parlier and Riley Howell, who were killed in the shooting.

    "I'm not comfortable in that room," Beach said. "I have walked past it, which was a very hard moment for me. I can't imagine how other people in the room would feel like that."

    Monday night's discussion was the first of the meetings of the Niner Nation Remembrance Commission.

    There will also be online surveys and meeting with the survivors to get their input.

    "But what it looks like, what kind it is, where it might be located -- none of that has been decided," the commission chairwoman Emily Zimmern said.

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