Carriage of WSOC by DISH temporarily extended

Carriage of WSOC by DISH temporarily extended

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Attention DISH customers: Carriage of WSOC by DISH has been temporarily extended. WSOC remains committed to negotiations with DISH to keep your favorite shows on.

“We are simply seeking a fair deal, which adequately values the award-winning news, sports, entertainment, weather and traffic programming that is paramount to our local viewers,” said Cedric Thomas, WSOC-TV Vice President and General Manager. “In fact, we are asking for far less than what DISH pays for national networks even though our ratings are much higher. More importantly, those national networks offer no local news, provide no information about local school closings, have no local employees, and offer nowhere near the same high-quality, compelling programming that we provide,” continued Thomas.

WSOC-TV’s programming will remain available for viewers over the air, and this dispute will not affect customers of any other video provider.

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“We have agreements with every other major cable and satellite distributor,” Thomas stated. “It is unfortunate that DISH does not value our highly rated station. Regardless, we will continue to offer the same high-quality programming as we always have, and we will continue to serve our community as we have done for decades.”

Call DISH at 1-800-333-3474, and demand that DISH keep carrying WSOC-TV.

You can read more about what’s happening and why here.