Dockless bikes a success, despite complaints

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Dockless bikes have been used more than 36,000 times in Charlotte. The most recent data available revealed that in January, they were used nearly 19,000 times.

However, more than 700 people have made complaints about them to the city.

Officials have received photographs of the bikes parked in bus shelters and in front of businesses.

A representative at Garinger High School emailed the city, saying the principal wants the bikes removed from campus because she's afraid they will be stolen and vandalized.

“Very poor execution and visual pollution,” an Elizabeth resident wrote in an email.

Kate Cavazza, with Sustain Charlotte, expects the complaints will drop as people get to know how the dockless bike-share programs work.

“As people become aware of the process and how they work, things will streamline,” she said.

Despite the complaints, the rollout has been largely successful, Cavazza said.

“More people are taking them and using them, and taking them to transport themselves to work, to commute, whatever, you name it,” she said.

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