Dog returned to NC family after being stolen, disguised for nearly 4 years

HARNETT COUNTY, N.C. — A Siberian husky is now back with its Harnett County family years after it was stolen.

Four years ago, neighbors called the Hart family while they were at a dance competition and told them their front door was open and their dog, Nukka, had gotten out.

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The family began putting up missing dog posters around the community, but soon noticed the posters were disappearing.

After the posters mysteriously disappeared, the family got a letter saying the dog was dead and the family should stop searching.

"The letter always struck us. It didn't seem right," said father Josh Hart. "It didn't feel right."

Although the letter was odd, the Harts sought closure because Nukka was nowhere to be found. She'd not been sighted and her microchip had never been scanned.

The family of six said they prayed the dog would come back and in November, officers came to their door with good news.

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"He said 'Do you have a dog that came missing?'" said Rachel Hart. "He actually used the word stolen...I just put my hands over my mouth and I said 'husky'... we said husky at the same time."

Police said a woman confessed to keeping the dog after finding it, pulling down the missing dog posters and writing the heartbreaking letter. She told them she even disguised the dog with a black stripe.

Although officers told the family that stealing a dog is a felony, they decided not to press charges against  the woman.

The Hart family said they're just happy Nukka is home and was cared for during her time away.

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