Dozens of renters have to find new homes

Dozens of renters have to find new homes

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — About 40 renters, who mainly rent single-family houses from Tricon American Homes, are seeking a new place to stay.

Their leases are up and, like a lot of landlords in the booming Charlotte area, Tricon wants to remodel the homes and rent them for more money.


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Tricon told the renters they have to be out Aug. 1. But Tricon told Action 9 the deadline is flexible and that it'll work with renters who can't make that deadline.

They can apply for other Tricon homes if they want, but more than 20 are on subsidized housing. Tricon stopped taking new Section 8 customers a few years ago. Those renters wouldn't be able to use the vouchers moving forward and they're unlikely to afford any Tricon home without the help.

The Charlotte Housing Authority said it has resources for them, but that ultimately, it's up to the renters, not the CHA, to find new homes.

Tricon also told Action 9 it sold more than 50 other homes to a Florida company. It's not clear how many of those renters will have to move, too.

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