Driver concerned over bicyclists sharing roads

Driver concerned over bicyclists sharing roads

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The man who shot video of a bicyclist he said is blocking traffic said he wants some changes to Charlotte's busiest roads.

Eric Cable uploaded a video of a man riding his bike to work during busy morning rush hour from south Charlotte to Uptown. The bicyclist was on Providence Road.

"Watch what he does," Cable said as he viewed the video. "He goes in between the cars. I'm probably going to miss him on the video here. He goes in between the cars and then just blows through the red light."

Cable said the bicycling blocked drivers, didn't share the road and broke laws.

Cable said he doesn't want to ban bicycles on all roads. However, he started a petition five days ago to see a ban on bikers using some of the main roads in Charlotte during peak travel times like weekday mornings and afternoons.

"Either the city put in bike lanes which it would have to widen the road to do or prohibit bicycles on that certain class of road," Cable said.

Jeff Viscount is an advocate for people who bike on city roads and he agrees it's wrong for any cyclist to break the law, but he said any kind of ban would go too far.

"The thought that you can ban the rights of a group of people based on the actions of one person is just wrong. Motorists are going to speed. Pedestrians are going to jaywalk. And cyclists are going to run red lights," Viscount said.

For more information on the petition, click here. To see Cable's YouTube video, click here.

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