• Driver hits love seat on I-485; NCDOT addresses issue with debris on highways

    By: Briana Harper


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - Debris on Charlotte highways is not uncommon, but a driver was shocked when her vehicle struck a couch on Interstate 485.

    “A love seat, chair couch swung around behind him and then it slammed and hit my car. It was pretty scary," driver Danielle Scurry said.

    [Passenger severely injured after debris from road crashed through windshield]

    It did about $2,800 in damage to the side of her car.

    "I'm just grateful to God,” Scurry said. “It could have been a lot worse."

    North Carolina Department of Transportation officials said in one month, they could pick up as much as 4 tons of debris from the interstates.

    "It seems as soon as it's cleaned up, you can't tell because then there's more to collect," NCDOT spokeswoman Jen Thompson said.

    The state spends more than $20 million a year for regular litter sweeps, Thompson said.

    The NCDOT could use help from motorists to keep the highways clean from debris.

    "If they see something, let us know, and we will get to it as soon as possible and if it’s a safety risk, we will get to it sooner," Thompson said.          

    Drivers are also encouraged to secure their loads, so objects don't fall off onto the highway

    “Just be aware when you're on the highway,” Scurry said. “It's not just you’re driving, you're looking at other drivers and now things that could possibly be road hazards."

    Call Highway Patrol if you see anyone illegally littering on the highway.

    Volunteers can pick up trash next month during the NCDOT Spring Litter Sweep.

    Groups can also “Adopt A Highway” to sponsor a roadway and commit to cleaning up to a 2 mile stretch for a few years.

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