• Elderly couple says 2 pretending to be utility workers robbed them

    By: Stephanie Coueignoux


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - An elderly couple said they were robbed by con artists they invited into their SouthPark home.

     “I said, ‘Oh my goodness. We have been robbed right under our nose,’” said Polly Langford, 80.

    Polly and her husband, John, said it started when their doorbell rang Tuesday. A woman introduced herself as a utilities department employee.

    She explained she had to check their water pressure because renovations next door damaged a water line. John Langford believed her.

     “They had done their homework. I knew next door. They were correct. How did they know that?” John Langford said.

    That's when John Langford said she radioed to her “boss,” who walked in. The two separated Polly and John Langford by asking to see different parts of the house.

    The man told Polly Langford he needed to check for water leaks in the bedroom.

    It was only after they left when she realized he had stolen jewelry worth thousands of dollars.

    “When they're posing as a utility person, you just don't think that fast,” Polly Langford said.

    Once she realized they had been robbed, she called 911, but the criminals were already driving away.

    “We've heard about robberies before, but it was one of the most clever robberies ever pulled,” John Langford said.

    People in this SouthPark neighborhood said they're sharing what happened with their neighbors and their kids to make sure this doesn't happen to anyone else.

    “Just because there is someone who looks official in the neighborhood, doesn't necessarily mean you can trust them,” said Heather Coughlin.

    The Langfords said they will keep their door shut until they know the person on the other side is legitimate, and hope others do the same.

    Police are still searching for the criminals.

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