• Police charge homeowner who shot community 'menace'


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A man accused of terrorizing a south Charlotte neighborhood was shot by a homeowner carrying a shotgun on Wednesday.

    The homeowner, Robert Leroy Campbell, 55, was arrested and charged with assault with a deadly weapon to inflict serious injury.

    The shooting happened on Stacy Boulevard off Woodlawn Avenue around 7 a.m.


    Neighbors said the man who was shot was not a victim, but a menace to the community.

    "That's who he is. He likes to threaten people and scare people," a neighbor said.

    The neighbor spoke on condition of anonymity because he's afraid of Bimanbu Tchendo.

    Neighbors said Tchendo has roamed their streets, terrifying their neighborhood for 13 years. 

    Neighbors didn’t want to be identified, but were calling the man who shot him their hero.

    "He made death threats and stealing packages allegedly off peoples' porches and bicycles and lawnmowers and things," another neighbor said.

    Tchendo was arrested on Sunday after a homeowner told police the 42-year-old threatened to kill him.



    Neighbors said Tchendo was angry because the homeowner told him he couldn't use his property to work on bikes anymore.

    When Tchendo came back to the homeowner's house on Wednesday morning, neighbors said the man shot him twice with a shotgun.

    "He got what was coming to him, that's the way I look at it," a neighbor said.

    Channel 9 dug through court records and discovered Tchendo has been arrested four times from 2015 to 2017.

    He's faced charges, ranging from trespassing to damaging property, to stealing.


    When he was shot on Wednesday, there was a warrant out for his arrest in another theft case.  

    "The general consensus is people are relieved he's gone," a neighbor said.

    Officials told Channel 9 that Tchendo was undergoing surgery but should be OK.

    Neighbors hope the shooting that put him in the hospital will finally put an end to the crime.

    Channel 9 is asking police if the homeowner is facing any charges.

    Neighbors hope it will be cleared as self-defense because they say it happened on the man's property. 

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