• Expert on workplace violence receives more calls following Newtown incident

    By: Andrew Doud


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - After the elementary school shooting in Connecticut, a local expert on workplace violence is getting calls from several businesses.

    "We have to dispel the two myths, it won't happen and work place violence is not preventable," said Felix Nater.

    Like so many, Nater looked at what happened Friday in Newtown and wondered if it could it have been prevented.

    Nater owns a security consulting company specializing in workplace violence

    He said it's impossible for him to point out what could have been done differently, but says Friday's shooting does reinforce the need for companies and schools to take a look at their security measures.

    "I don't say, 'Go extreme,' I just say, 'Do minimal things to at least allow us to manage the situation and give us time to react,'" Nater said.

    Nater said door locks, security systems and bulletproof glass are all simple steps to take to improve safety, but employees also need to know what to do and what to look out for.

    "I say be aware of everything that's in front of you, be observant to strange behavior. If you see a person in August with a heavy coat or a trenchcoat, consider that a threat to the workplace," he said.

    Nater said while it may not be possible to stop someone from showing up to a school or business, there are steps to take to cut down on the risk that they will become a significant threat.

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