Extra security measures in place as Queen City preps for RNC

Extra security measures in place as Queen City preps for RNC

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — In uptown Charlotte on Wednesday, there were many signs that the Republican National Convention is just days away.

Law enforcement was on the ground and in the air. Some even said they spotted low flying choppers. Channel 9 learned that pilots with the National Nuclear Security Administration were using radiation sensing technology designed to detect explosives.

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“There’s always the possibility of someone who could place a radioactive explosive device if they wanted to harm people,” Homeland Security expert Walter Kimble said. “As the event becomes closer you’re going to see more critical surveillance information gathering from a variety of state federal sources.”

He also said the convention is sure to draw protesters to the city, but the Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department told Channel 9 on Wednesday that is was unsure of the amount of people who could show up.

“We don’t have that information now. We’re paying attention to everything we see on open source and other avenues,” said Maj. Steve Brochu, who has been helping plan for the RNC.

Police are asking for the public to share any protest information to ensure everyone’s safety.

“We appreciate that info so we can control traffic, make sure everything’s safe,” Brochu said.

Jason Coats who works in uptown said he’s hoping for no violence.

“I really hope it’s peaceful and people come out and address ideas, but they do it in respectful way that doesn’t'‘t put anyone else in danger,” Coats said.

If you live or work in uptown, one thing you can do to prepare for the RNC is to pay close attention to road closures and changes to public transit.

Click here more information on RNC road closures from Traffic Team 9′s Mark Taylor.

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