• Family asks for information after father hit by stray bullet

    By: Ken Lemon


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A Charlotte woman's husband remains paralyzed in ICU with a bullet still lodged in his head.

    She doesn't want justice, but she needs the gunman to give doctors one piece of information that could save her husband's life.

    Doctors said surgery to remove the bullet will be more difficult without knowing the caliber of bullet.

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    His family is now begging for the shooter to come forward to give Brandon Yam the best chance for a full recovery.

    “This is unbelievable,” wife Sopheap Kim said.

    Kim spoke to Channel 9 outside the hospital clutching her sister's hand for support. 

    She said that on the Fourth of July, she and her husband were working a food tent on Owens Avenue when her husband suddenly fell to the ground.

    “He said, ‘Please help me.  Help me please,’” Kim said.

    A bullet someone shot into the air came down through their tent, hitting Yam.   

    Yam doesn't remember the incident.

    “It's just (an) unfortunate thing that happened to him,” said sister-in-law Chanda Wilson.

    Doctors told the family that removing the bullet is risky without knowing the caliber and kind of gun it came from.

    “I'm just angry that nobody knows,” Wilson said.

    "Please pray that some people that know anything just help us to ... I just don't know how to say," Kim said.

    "I beg you.  I plead you. Anybody out there, if you can help us, please,” Wilson said.

    The family said they will not pursue charges against the shooter.

    They just need the critical information.

    Charlotte police said they have officers looking into the shooting.

    They will not talk about their investigation to Channel 9.

    Yam's family members said they haven't gotten an update either.

    "We haven't heard anything,” Wilson said.

    Yam lost his job two months ago. He and his wife were serving food last week to make some money.

    The Yam family set up a donation fund to help cover medical expenses and other costs.

    People can donate at any Wells Fargo Bank to the Brandon Yam Donation Fund.

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