• Family: Chair saved toddler pinned under SUV in crash

    By: Tenikka Smith


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - A Charlotte family said it's a miracle their 13-month-old son is alive after he was pinned underneath an SUV that crashed into a restaurant.
    Norma Ramirez, her brother Bertin Sanches, and family friend Pablo Perez are still in pain.
    They, along with Ramirez's husband and her 13-month-old son, Alexander, were sitting at a table inside Lempira Mexican Restaurant on Eastway Drive right next to the window where an SUV crash-landed Sunday.
    A family friend, Maria Figueroa, translated for Bertin, who said he saw the Jeep Cherokee approaching. 
    "He said he saw when the car was coming normally, then the car accelerated and came straight into the place where they were," Figueroa said.
    The driver, listed in the accident report as Narissa Williams, told police she hydroplaned and lost control.
    After the impact, the family realized Alexander was underneath the SUV.  His father, who was injured, managed to get up, reach underneath and pull his son out to safety.
    His mother said it was a miracle her son is alive today because the baby was pinned under the SUV only protected by a chair that also landed on top of him.
    Alexander was taken to the hospital for observation, but escaped virtually unharmed.
    His mom's arm was broken in two places and she may need surgery for serious back injuries, but she told Channel 9 right now she's only focused on one thing - having her baby boy back home.
    Williams, the driver, was not hurt.  According to police reports she was cited for “exceeding safe speed for conditions.”
    Once Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department wraps up its investigation, Charlotte Department of Transportation will also look into the crash since it happened on a city street.

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