• Family Focus: Cleaning crew helps cancer patient

    By: Natalie Pasquarella


    CHARLOTTE, N.C. - October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and some local companies are working together to make life easier for women fighting the disease.

    In tonight's Family Focus, one local mother said the new free service she is receiving is really helping in her recovery.

    Vacuuming floors and scrubbing bathrooms are all in a day's work for a cleaning crew. Only Friday, they are at Linda Grant's home cleaning free of charge.

    "It's been a tremendous help having this taken care of for me," Grant said. "I can use the energy that I have to do little things for my son."

    Grant is currently undergoing chemotherapy after being diagnosed with breast cancer in June.

    Minit Maids started cleaning her home.

    "With chemo, it really is exhausting and you generally just do not feel well," Grant said.

    Minit Maids owner Rick Douglas said, "It just makes life easier for the person going through this pretty tough time."

    The Charlotte company is one of five in the area that is teamed up with the nonprofit Cleaning for a Reason that provides free cleaning services for women undergoing breast cancer treatment.

    The mopping and vacuuming has been the biggest help for Grant.

    "That motion, it's tiring," she said.

    Linda will receive free cleaning over the next four months. That will get her through her surgery date in mid-December when the lump in her breast will be removed.

    Grant said the gesture leaves her with more than just a clean house.

    "It's a tremendous help, but it goes beyond the physical actions, the feeling of support that you get, it's tremendous," Grant said.

    If you’d like to find out what cleaning companies have partnered with “Cleaning for a Reason,” click here

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