Suspect charged, accused of attacking man with mental disability

Man with developmental disabilities attacked outside store

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Officers arrested Donovan Hubbard who is accused of attacking a man with a mental disability in October 2018.

Devonta Burch was assaulted in broad daylight outside a convenience store along Allen Street in Charlotte’s Belmont neighborhood, Charlotte-Mecklenburg police said.

Police said surveillance cameras that were rolling outside of the Belmont Corner Store captured shots of the attack.

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Devonta Burch had broken bones, cuts and bruises on his face as a result of what this mother calls a random attack.

"It's traumatizing because he doesn't have any answers why this was done to him and neither do we,” Cynthia Burch said.

Cynthia Burch said her son is developmentally delayed, which means that even though he is 23, he has the mental capacity of someone who is much younger.

(Devonta Burch)

She said Devonta Burch was leaving work at the corner store, then turned the corner and was jumped.

"Devonta comes out of the store,” Cynthia Burch said. “He throws his trash away in this trash can and the two males were sitting on the brick wall. One of the suspects jumps up and runs behind him and at that point, Devonte says that's when he punched him in the back of his head."

Cynthia Burch said Devonta ran toward 19th Street and that's when the man caught up with him and started beating Devonta's face into the concrete.

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A neighbor saw the attack and began yelling to intervene.

"Two of my neighbors came down the street with Devonta and he was bloody,” Cynthia Burch said. “I couldn't see his face because he had blood everywhere."

Carl Burch, Devonta's father, said it's hard to understand why anyone would want to hurt his son.

"Everybody know Devonta around here, everybody,” Carl Burch said. “He works, he cuts grass. He would help anybody that ask him to help them."

As their son continues to recover, his family said it has become the neighbors' mission to make sure this doesn't happen to anyone else.

"Right now, the whole neighborhood is upset about it and it’s people out here that are trying to locate this person,” Cynthia Burch said last year.